Through our dedicated WiFi Hotspot manager you will be given access to your site statistics, giving you easy access to up to date information. The WiFi Hotspot manager also helps you:

Prevent Network Abuse

Network abuse happens when a user is abusing your Free WiFI, by downloading high volumes of data.  This might cause issues with the hotspot network, such as slow down, which will be a nuisance to other guests.

Receive Router Alerts

The last thing you want is for your router to stop working without you becoming aware.  The WiFi Hotspot Manager will send you a notification via email to advice you of any down time or issues.

Capture User Data

Consumer data is one of the most precious assets a business can have.  By requesting information, such as name and email, in order to grant access to your free internet hotspot, you will be gathering guest information, which can then be utilised at a later stage.

Manage Users

By checking the Wifi guest bandwidth use, access time and amount of data uploaded and downloaded. You could also export customer data to CSV that was gathered via the Hotspot login process

These features are all available with the standard service we provide. This hotspot solution will be the tool to point your marketing strategy in the right direction.