Wifi is nowadays available everywhere, or is expected to be. As we are more dependent on internet connectivity, businesses are seeking ways on how to bridge the gap between their brand and the social network. Providing their guests with a socially connected hotspot is a solution, but why would it work?

Transforming your Wifi from a traditional service to one which incorporates a customer engagement platform enhances the customer experience. It provides businesses the chance to improve their marketing strategies by receiving customer analytics and revive their brand. In the retail and hospitality sectors customers view free Wifi as a deciding factor when deciding where to go, this is why having this free service will keep your business on top of others. Here are 3 benefits of implementing iConnect:

  1. Quick User Registration – having an open wifi network and enabling users to get online fast is key. This is why a social login would be preferred to tedious questionnaires or forms that frustrate a user before he is given the service. You will still however receive the customers demographics if they decide to share it with your brand.
  2. Expose your brand to the Social Circle – Advertisement via work of mouth is very valuable, however being marketed on the social network promotes a business a thousand times faster. Once users are connected, they can decide to share your social network page, eg.Facebook, and also check-in to your location. This offers users the chance to receive updates from your page and check out your latest brands or products.
  3. Marketing with Analytics – Receive the customer information that was used to log into your hotspot that was collected in a legally compliant manner. This can be used to target marketing campaigns based on customers time of visit, gender, age and much more. In turn, this provides businesses with a better perspective of which sector customers are most engaged with.

Wireless Social connectivity provides a positive association between the business and the customer by which a client is always connected while shopping, eating or just having a drink. Most importantly it will keep attracting customers and give them a reason to stay!