wireless hotspot

iConnect Malta, a product of Intertek Laboratories Ltd, has been established to provide our clients a Wireless Hotspot solution on how to better utilise their wireless Infrastructure.  By creating a wireless Hotspot businesses will be able to offer free internet access to their clients.  This is very beneficial both in terms of offering entertainment to guests, through the access to the Guest WiFi, and to collect data.

Wireless Hotspot for our Guests

The concept of the brand started as a test environment for our in-house guests and exposure to extended features of modern hardware to offer awireless Hotspot access. Putting these together we’re able to provide a free wireless Hotspot service to our guests while using the same hardware for our corporate services. We then went a step further and integrated a social plugin that enables users to log in via their preferred social network.  This tool to give access to free internet by using a social media login is beneficial as it can be used to advertise your location on your WiFi Guests social media pages, and/or to collect information about your users.

This has proven to be an attractive feature that provides a familiar login interface for the wireless user and a benefit for the company providing the Wifi service that has their brand exposed online.

What’s next ? ….

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