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Wifi Hotspot

Guest Wifi for your business

With the ever increasing reliability on internet access, offering a free WiFi hotspot at your place of business is hugely beneficial.  By being able to access free internet, your customers will be more at ease, thus staying longer and visit more frequently.

With the importance of tourism for the Cafe and Restaurant in Malta and Gozo, offering free Wifi is highly recommended.  Tourists who are not willing to spend a fortune on roaming charges on their 3G or 4G (network) enabled phones, look for free internet access to be able to communicate on their social media platform.

iConnect Guest Wifi Solution

iConnect is a comprehensive WiFi Hotspot solution for businesses or individuals who want to provide free internet for their customers by means of a hotspot.  We provide you with a simple, robust, easy to manage guest Wifi solution that enhances your customer's experience and gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers via social media (facebook, twitter, instagram etc) as well as other methods that do not require social media interaction.

In addition to providing wireless connectivity for your customers you will be able to provide a private WiFi service for your own business that will be secured and isolated from the public users.

Social Media Wifi

The iConnect WiFi concept can be implemented in any business that attracts the public; be it restaurants, Retail Stores, Hotels, Cafes, etc. Provide your clients a free WiFi service that will in turn enable them to rank up your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.

iConnect is a solution provided by InterTek Laboratories Ltd a local company with a 20+ year history of providing best in class solutions and excellent customer service.

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WiFi Hotspot Manager

An easy and effective way to manage your free WiFi service with flexible reporting options.  Free internet access allows your clients more freedom to browse thus giving them more time at your restaurant, cafe or other place of business.

Social Media Integration

Engage with your customers via social media and increase your business' visibility on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  Using Social Media login, will also act as promotional tool for your business.

Robust WiFi Infrastructure

Build a cost effective, fast and reliable & secure WiFi network for your customers as well as your own business use.  Utilising our Wifi Systems you will be able to offer an addon service to your guests, as well as being able to benefit from the Wifi access yourself.

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